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Mike Ball shares stories and insight from his unlikely journey from foster care, a children's home, and homelessnes to a law enforcement career that began in 1978 when he was sworn in as the littlest State Trooper in Alabama history.   Nearly 25 years later, Mike was a seasoned criminal investigator and hostage negotiator when he was elected as a Republican to the heavily Democratic Alabama Legislature.


This memoir chronicles Mike's struggle to reconcile his moral values with the superficial hypocrisy of the political world that became exponentially more difficult to him after the seismic partisian political shift in 2010 that led to an overwhelming Republican legislative supermajority.


Investigative experience and spiritual discernment working in tandem forced Mike to rethink his position  several issues, including the use of cannabis for medical purposes and partisan political loyalty.


You will be suprised by some of Mike's revelations as he uncovers the corruption that led to the felony conviction of the Speaker of the House, the impeachment and subsequent resignation to the Governor, and the appointment of the Attorney General to the United States Senate.       

Picking, Politicking , and Pontificating

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