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"Playing music and singing songs has been an important part of my life since the first time that I held my father's Gibson.  It has helped me find peace of mind in a troubled world  and common sense  when I am surrounded by nonsense.  " 


HTMA ​Coffeehouse 

Burrit on the Mountain

Huntsville, AL 

July 25, 2023

In this video, Mike plays his father's guitar sharing stories and songs based on his early life the role music played in helping him find peace of mind.

Huntsville Tradition Music Association (HTMA) encourages playing and listening to many types of traditional music.  Mike currently serves as HTMA president and has been scheduled for a follow-up performance in February 2024.

Time Changes Everything


Mike and his fellow Bubbanauts perform their rendition of the Bob Wills' 1940 western swing classic,  "Time Changes Everything".  The Bubbanauts play on Saturday evenings from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Elora Community Center located at5 Elora Cemetery Cir, Elora, TN 37328.

"She's Right on the Money"

Since leaving partisan politics, Mike is living happily ever after with his delightful wife Karen who provides the inspiration for him to perform songs like this one.

"How Sweet It Is"

Here's Mike's version of James Taylor's classic tune.

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