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Cultivating a culture that sees the Truth behind the veil of polarization, propaganda, and persuasion by inspiring curiosity, initiating critical thinking, and introducing compassionate conversations because a nation of Truth is built on a foundation of Love that sees beyond deception.

About The Founder

Mike Ball is a former U.S. Marine, Alabama State Trooper, criminal investigator, hostage negotiator, and 20-year veteran of the Alabama House of Representatives.


His life of public service was inspired by the untimely loss of his father at the age of 14 and guided by the lessons he learned about life, love, faith, and shepherding.


After retiring from politics in 2022, he published his memoir, "Picking, Politicking, and Pontificating: How an Ex-Cop Legalized Cannabis While Fighting Corruption” that details his experiences while struggling to expose corruption and legalize cannabis for medical use in Alabama.

Now he focuses on creative pursuits, celebrating his escape from partisan politics, and fostering a culture of truth and love through curiosity, critical thinking, and compassionate conversations.



Mike's Book

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Picking, Politicking, and Pontificating is the product of introspection and reflection that helped Mike realize how the touch of an Unseen Hand has guided him to shed light on corruption that other political leaders have ignored.

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Dear Lord, You know. You’ve always known. You always will know. You’ve helped me know as m

Dear Lord,
You know.
You’ve always known.
You always will know.
You’ve helped me know as much as I’ve been willing to learn.
But I do not learn because I am stubborn. And lazy.
Each glimpse of your glory illuminates my ignorance that I try to hide.
Each glimpse forces me rethink all that I thought I knew before.
Over and over, time after time.
The more of you that I see, the more I realize how much of you I can’t see.
All that I really need to know is to trust you to let me know what I need to know when I need to
know it.
Please help me know more.

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